Correct Barefoot Trimming

"A horse without shoes is like a fish without a bicycle."

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Eva GoertzExperienced

I've been working with equines (horses and donkeys) for over 40 years, and trimming since 2001.


I have a unique approach to horses, they respond well to my calm energy.

Willing to travel

My area of service includes Quesnel, 100 Mile House, Kamloops, Clinton, Boston Bar, anywhere in between and anywhere I'm called to.

My story started out simple: My fox-hunting horse became seriously debilitated with back pain. It looked like my only option was to retire him. Looking for a solution, I set off on a life-changing path.

It got complicated later: My very progressive veterinarian found the source of the back pain; it was an imbalance of the front hooves due to poor shoeing. She suggested going barefoot. I found a barefoot method teacher and was convinced. I organized and participated in seminars, then proceeded to work in a horse hoof rehab clinic for years, participated in many more seminars, took on-line courses, read books, and now continue to take seminars in Canada and the USA. The more I looked for answers, the more questions I found along the way. It's a huge field and research is constant, continually bringing new insights. I currently write articles and give short lectures.

Eva hoof-trimmingGETTING MY HELP

1. Contact me:

Home phone 250-395-2043
Cell phone 250-644-1320
E-mail eva@barefoothoofcare.ca

2. What I do (depending on the problem):

  • Trim hooves
  • Assess the horse in the context of overall living conditions, use, diet and related concerns
  • Advise and educate the owner

3. Fees: $50 per horse (if the horse can be done within one hour).

NOTE: The goal of my approach is the improvement of the horse's quality of life and well-being. In the long run this may end up costing you less, while increasing your horse's comfort.

4. Travel fees: $0.50 per kilometre, one way. No charge within 45 min.


The quintessence of horsemanship is always to place the interest of the horse above all other considerations, in his training as well as in his care. - Dr. Thomas Ritter

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